U.Move Youth and Mobility

U.Move Youth and Mobility. Applied Research of Mobility Modes to Develop Intermodal Mobility Services for Specific Target Groups of Young People

Based on a standardised survey of 4.400 persons between the age of 15 and 26 in four German cities (Dortmund, Potsdam, Passau, Greifswald), the study analyses the determinants of young adult's mobility behaviour. Its main objective is the development of new transport strategies and alternatives to the use of the own car. Multimodal transport is a proven approach to improving transport efficiency.

The results of the project U.Move Youth and Mobility point out the interplay of subjective motives and objective circumstances causing mobility.

VIA was responsible for the regions Greifswald and Potsdam and contributed to the evaluation of local multimodal concepts in the Potsdam region.

Project of the Ministry of Education and Research as part of the research field "Understanding Mobility"

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