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ToolBox for Mobility Management in companies
with support of the EC SAVE II Programm

ToolBox is a search facility to help companies develop their own mobility plan, and to assist them promoting the use of public transport, collective company transport, car-pooling, walking and cycling for home-work journeys. It has been developed by a consortium of European mobility specialists.

A company mobility plan - also known as the green commuter plan or company transportation plan - tries to merge transport and other business issues in a co-ordinated strategy to optimize the use of the company's resources.

It may include the promotion of public transport, company buses, car-pooling, cycling, walking and the introduction of strategies regarding parking management or the more efficient use of vehicles. Originating from the United States, the concept of the company mobility plan has spread rapidly across Europe. A number of well known companies are implementing similar strategies. More and more businesses are considering introducing mobility plans.

The toolbox has been supported by the European Commission as part of the SAVE II Programme. VIA was responsible for the development and programming of the decision support system DSS.

Partner of the ToolBox projekt:

Traject (B)

Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität FGM AMOR (A)

Leeds City Council (UK)

TC&O Management voor Mobiliteit (NL)

Studio Ripamonti (I) mit Roberto de Tommasi (CH)

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