Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung von Tunneln
Traffic management systems in tunnels

Tunnelzufahrt am Lehrter Bahnhof

Tunnel approach near Lehrter Bahnhof

Probebetrieb Wechselwegweiser

Test operation of changing direction signs

Installation von Wechselverkehrszeichen

Installation of VMS

Tunnel Tiergarten-Spreebogen

Tunnel Tiergarten-Spreebogen

B96 Tunnel Tiergarten-Spreebogen (TTS), Berlin
Longest urban road tunnel in Berlin

New road tunnel between Heidestraße, Invalidenstraße and Kemperplatz, Reichpietschufer, Length approx. 2,7 km

The Tiergarten Tunnel runs underneath large parts of the inner city of Berlin, including the parlamentary area and the new central station. This tunnel stretches over 2,7 km and is the longest urban road tunnel in Berlin.

It has been equipped with extensive traffic guidance and security systems according to the newest safety standards for road tunnels in Germany (RABT). In 2007, the German Automotive Club ADAC labelled the TTS the "safest tunnel in Germany".

The special role of this tunnel exceeds the normal tasks for a road tunnel: it covers the full roadside delivery and waste disposal for the Potsdamer Platz Quarter, as well as the connection to the new multi-storey parking lot unter the central station.

VIA was responsible for the re-design of the initial concept (from 1999), the final design, the preparation for tender, the supervision of realization and various safety tests before and after opening to the general traffic.

TTS wins ADAC-Tunneltest 2007 Safety Award

Opening for traffic: 26.03.2006
VIA Beratende Ingenieure services included: 31), 5+62), 8+93)

1) Partly
2) Subcontract of Schüssler-Plan Berlin for Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin
3) as consortium Brendel/VIA