Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Stadt- und Bundesstraßen
Traffic management systems on urban roads and highways

Zählstelle mit Induktivschleifen auf Autobahn

Counting station with inductive loops on a road

Zählstelle, Schaltschrank

Counting station, switchboard

Zählstelle, Stadtstraße

Counting station, urban road


Site plan

Permanent automatic counting stations in the federal state of Berlin
Traffic data entry, Berlin

Renewal of the permanent automatic counting stations on urban roads and highways in the federal state of Berlin.

To achieve the statistical analysis of the traffic volume on its urban roads and highways, the federal state of Berlin has built 17 permanent counting stations. They collect traffic data according to the guidelines of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and the Technical Supply Conditions for Roadway Stations (TLS). The data is not evaluated online but is in fact sent to a server of the Berlin traffic guidance daily.

Berlin's permanent counting stations distinguish between eight different vehicle categories:

VIA Beratende Ingenieure services cover the design of the permanent counting stations ranging from the preliminary design to the professional supervision of the trial operation.

Period of execution: 2008 - 2010
Leistungsphasen: 1 bis 8

for: Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin