Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung von Tunneln
Traffic management systems in tunnels

Risikoanalyse gemäß RABT für Straßentunnel A100 - TIP und TRP, Berlin
Risk analysis ac. guideline 2004/54/EC for two motorway tunnels

Risk analysis of traffic jam for two motorway tunnels on the Autobahn 100 (A 100) in Berlin.

In accordance to the RABT 2006 (German tunnel guideline), the investigation discusses the traffic safety in the event of fire during a traffic jam. Both tunnels are located on highly frequented sections of the A100 (city ring road Berlin). As their average traffic value covers up to 190.000 vehicles per day, long-lasting cases of jammed traffic are likely to occur on a daily basis.

In the first instance, the analysis covers the frequency of jammed traffic, the chance of fire depending on the traffic situation and the chance of fire during a traffic jam. Further on, the investigators will examine the smoke emission in case of fire to analyze the timeframe after which a self-rescue becomes impossible due to heavy smoke development.

The investigators will ultimately break down the level of safety in both tunnels according to the conditions of the planned upgrades. Hereto, they will rate the efficiency of different types of tunnel barriers as well as the effect barriers will have on the traffic flow when located on the federal motorway and its adjacent junctions.

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for: Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin