Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Autobahnen
Traffic management systems on motorways

Schaltbild (Planung)

Schematic (planned)

Wechsel-Verkehrszeichen (Planung)

Variable message sign (planned)

Lageplanausschnitt (Planung)

Position plan (planned)

Motorway 100 - City ring road Berlin - junction Charlottenburg
Traffic management system (TMS)

To cope with the traffic of two major urban motorways (A 100 & A111) meeting at the interchange Charlottenburg, a junction management system has been installed in 2001. If one road is heavily frequented, it can be privileged to optimize traffic flow.

Due to the rehabilitation of a section between the junctions Charlottenburg and Seestraße (A 100), the traffic guidance system Charlottenburg has to be upgraded. The retrofitting covers variable message signs, lane control signals, the data capture system, road side signals, roadside stations and adjustments of the sub-centre.

VIA Beratende Ingenieure services include the design (Service rendering phase 1-7) for the adjustment and upgrading of the traffic management system with:

for proVIA Ingenieurbüro für Verkehrsanlagen GmbH, Mitschke, Kargel und Partner, Beelitz