Unterzentralen, Verkehrsrechnerzentralen
Traffic Control Centres

Tunnel Britz, Berlin Tempelhof / Neukölln
Improving the traffic control system

Inner-city motorway tunnel (1,7km) on the Berlin city ring (A 100) - It features lane control signals, traffic guidance systems, barriers, height-detection, variable message signs and a sub-center.

The tunnel Britz has been released for traffic in 2001. The commissioning of the connecting sections of two urban motorways (A 100 and A 113) has led to a significant increase of the traffic volume. The altered traffic situation in the south-east Berlin city ring required an optimization of the tunnel's traffic control system.

Located on 20 different measuring points, the existing ceilung-mounted radar detectors are able to determine the number of vehicles passing (cars/trucks), their velocity and the lanes' capacities, as well as the road's weather condition. The data is captured every 15 seconds and is then transferred to the traffic computer. It will then automatically perform the necessary traffic control actions, such as:

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Additional information regarding the Tunnel Britz (German) (pdf*, 848 kB)

Additional information regarding the junction Neukölln (German) (pdf*, 2,9 MB)

for Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin