Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Autobahnen
Traffic management systems on motorways

LDC Nord
VMS gantries and traffic data collection on motorways in northern Germany

In the context of the European initiative Long-Distance-Corridor (North) , the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg developed a joint Traffic Management System (TMS) for network control. It has been successfully tested on the A 1, A 2 and A 7 motorways which run parallel to each other in North-South direction.

In the current stage, the Dortmund-Bremen-Hamburg corridor will be equipped with the infrastructure required for extensive network control.

The program (stage 1) consists of:

The erection of the TMS A1/A7/A2 Kamener Kreuz-Horster Dreieck (LDC Nord) is the first part of the overall project approved by the Federal Ministry of Transport.The installation will feature dWiSta-boards with fully programmable displays (in Hamburg and Lower Saxony) or freely programmable lines of text. This will allow situation-dependent and target-group-specific up-to-the-minute traffic guidance. The existing measurement points will be densified creating a grid with 5-6 km intervals.The operation of the system is not included in the tender at hand. It covers exclusively the roadside equipment. The remaining phases of the complete project will be realized in additional short-term tenders.

VIA Beratende Ingenieure services include:

for: Highway Authority of the Federal State of Lower Saxony , Hannover