Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Stadt- und Bundesstraßen
Traffic management systems on urban roads and highways

Leitstand im Stadion

Control room in the stadium


Control interface

Wegweiser an der Bürgermeister-Ulrich-Str.

Road sign

Parkleitsystem Augsburg Impuls Arena, B17
Parking guidance system Augsburg Impuls Arena, B17

Parking guidance system to Augsburg's exhibition site and the new stadium

Located in the southwest surroundings of Augsburg, the B17 is the region's most frequented feeder to the highway junction "Augsburg-West" which grants access to the "A 8 West" (Stuttgart - Munich). The non built-up B 17 serves as a connector to the Augsburg center, including its exhibition grounds, the university district and the southern industrial areas via the junction Augsburg-Gšggingen/Arena. As its traffic volume is far beyond average, the roadside equipment is based on highway technology.

The said section covers both transit and urban regional traffic. Aside from usual commuter traffic, this mainly includes event-related transport caused especially by the adjacent exhibition grounds and the Augsburg stadium hosting the city's major league football club. The target group of said events often lacks detailed knowledge of the regional road network to which local commuters are thoroughly familiar with. A traffic guidance system equipped with Variable Message Signs (VMS) is therefore a proven solution to serve the strong trans-regional and strictly oriented traffic flow.

In this special case a, dynamic parking guidance system is required. It will use the existing infrastructure and connect the capacities of both major event facilities to ensure flawless traffic flow during the upcoming events in the stadium. The system's features will cover:

- The available parking capacities of both the stadium and the exhibition site are shared through employment of a dynamic route guidance system.

- Hereby, one can avoid overloaded parking spaces which could otherwise result in a heavy backlog on the B17 and its trans-regional traffic.

- Traffic caused by different events are managed independently. The parking guidance system also allows custom guidance recommendations. They can be adjusted to match an upcoming event or any traffic situation, e.g. special routes for visitors and exhibitors or busses and cars.

- The available parking spaces are always marked by the route guidance system but can still be used flexibly.

- Searching traffic is avoided to support the service of inbound and outbound traffic situations.

- The parking guidance system supports the data transmission and control services of the traffic guidance systems. This way it can be upgraded to a route guidance system on the B17, if required.

VIA Beratende Ingenieure services include a dynamic parking guidance system on the B 17. It will cover both directions between the junctions "Augsburg-Gšggingen/Arena" and "Messe" as well as two urban roads supplying these junctions.

The variable message signs (VMS) can display dynamic guidance recommendations to various events. This requires the employment of customizable dot-matrixes for the transmission of individual text messages in both directions. They can be used to manage different route recommendations for several events at the same time. In the case of a single highly frequented event, the VMS can split up traffic to various routes and Park & Ride facilities.

Release for traffic: July 2009
Leistungsphasen: 1 bis 8

for City of Augsburg and Staatliches Bauamt Augsburg